Kiko Pangilinan says President Duterte is ‘unfair’

Senator is "saddened"

Kiko Pangilinan says President Duterte is ‘unfair’

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Kiko Pangilinan, the husband of former “megastar” Sharon Cuneta, is “saddened.”

And no, it is not because his Juvenile Justice Act is one of the most idiotic laws ever passed by a Philippine legislator, rather he is “saddened” because he says President Duterte’s accusations against his party mate Leila de Lima are “unfair.”

This is basically the gist of the “Official Statement” released by his office. Oh, there were other stuff about “civility,” “respect,” and being “public servants.” But we all know that that is just mainly to fill up space in case newspapers pick it up.

But as to the meat and potatoes of the thing, there was no explanation given why exactly he thought the President’s accusation was “unfair.”

Was it “unfair” because it was untrue? If so, then why didn’t he come out and say so? Why didn’t he deny it? Is it because he himself is unsure if the charges against de Lima are true or not? Does he have doubts about his party mate?

Or maybe he thought it was “unfair” because they are now at the receiving end, instead of the ones dishing out the dirt? Maybe he wishes that the Liberal Party was still in power so they can accost and accuse anyone with impunity, and without need of any evidence or witnesses?

Perhaps Kiko felt it was “unfair” because the President’s anti-drug crusade has made the Liberal Party the laughingstock of the whole country? From druglord-protecting police generals, to the brothers of top party officials, and now one of its most prominent senators, the LP is fast becoming known as a cesspool for the worst kinds of politicians and Kiko’s so-called “public servants.”

The thing is, Kiko, whatever your reasons are in saying that it is “unfair” and however sad it makes you feel, I assure you that it pales in comparison to how “saddened” Filipinos are that you and de Lima are in the Senate. And how “unfair” it is that both of you are still allowed to waste government resources that could have gone to something more meaningful and beneficial to the country, like public toilets.

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