Leila De Lima defends Mocha Uson? End of the world na ba?

Leila De Lima defends Mocha Uson? End of the world na ba?

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In her continuing efforts to stay relevant, disgraced senator Leila de Lima has reached out to Mocha Uson, the PCOO’s newly-appointed Assistant Secretary for Social Media.

In a statement released last May 16, De Lima came to Uson’s defense against critics who were questioning her appointment. “I would be the first to defend her against attacks that focus on people’s perception of her character or morality, based on what she used to do for a living.”

It can be recalled that De Lima, prior to being detained for her alleged involvement with the illegal drug trade, was also widely criticized for having an affair with Ronnie Dayan, her married driver-bodyguard. This was while she was the Secretary of Justice. There were also rumors of a sex tape between her and Dayan, which thankfully has not yet surfaced.

In this regard, De Lima may be seen as somewhat of an expert in the area of “slut shaming,” having had extensive experience herself. The difference being that while Mocha Uson is an actress performing a role, De Lima does not have the same excuse.

Aside from the scandal of the affair itself, De Lima is also accused of using Dayan as a go between with the drug lords operating within the Philippine penal system. According to various testimonies, Dayan collected drug money from the New Bilibid Prison for De Lima’s senate run.

Other than coming to Mocha’s defense, De Lima also had some advice to give. “I hope that she will be a purveyor of truth, rather than propaganda; of responsibly gathered and vetted facts and news, rather than so-called ‘alternative facts’ and fake news. She is no longer just a private blogger or social media personality; she is now a civil servant.

Ms Uson, it is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Take care of the instrument – your voice – that you are wielding. Take care not to lace your tongue with the poison of lies, misinformation, misdirection, manipulation, or double-talk.”

Frankly I am at a loss for words.

This coming from Leila de Lima is like hearing a toad talk about wart removal. Truth? Facts? What the fuck does she know about those things? While I admire her persistence and never say die attitude, part of me wonders if she is still completely sane. Maybe the stress of her situation has finally gotten to her. How else would you explain her being totally and completely oblivious to the irony of her statements. And how ridiculously pompous it sounds coming from her.

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