Does Leni need a break?

Does Leni need a break?

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So Vice President Leni Robredo has finally quit the Cabinet.

That should be good news for all concerned.

Good news for President Rody Duterte who has been at the receiving end of Robredo’s constant criticisms against his policies and his utterances.

While Duterte has acted like a typical alpha male when he said he accepted Robredo’s resignation with a “heavy heart,” there is no denying that he has rid himself of a thorn in the flesh in his official family.

To prove that Duterte has moved on, the Palace swiftly announced the designation of Secretary to the Cabinet Leoncio Evasco as new housing czar to replace Robredo.

It is supposed to be good news, too, for Robredo because now she can say what she wants without being branded as “kapit tuko” for shamelessly holding on to a position in which she has been inefficient.

Except for responses to queries from media outlets on Robredo’s resignation, nothing much has been heard from the Palace and more so from Duterte himself on the issue.

It is not difficult to see why.

Robredo has been a virtual mouthpiece of the Liberal Party (LP) which has used her to snap at Duterte and his administration at every turn. In case Robredo is unaware of it, she cannot be both LP mouthpiece and Cabinet Secretary at the same time.

When then-Vice President Jejomar Binay started sniping against the administration of ex-President Benigno Aquino III, Leni’s benefactor, the LP choir ganged up on Binay until he finally found the good sense to quit.

Finally and officially out of the Duterte administration for which she has constantly harped against, Robredo however does not seem to be relieved as she wants to picture herself to be.

How else explain her pathetic efforts to paint herself as the aggrieved party in a divorce that everybody saw was the only logical conclusion?

Many thought it was a major blunder on her part when she accepted Duterte’s invitation to serve in his Cabinet and her unlamented departure proved that right.

She has nothing to show for her brief stint in the housing agency, which prompted the President to sound off his displeasure during the third anniversary of typhoon Yolanda.

Perhaps, Robredo’s handlers thought she would be the perfect mole to leak the administration’s plans. Then and now, they never considered the fact that the foxy Duterte had long figured out Robredo — and her handlers.

So now, Robredo is left to herself — and her handlers. She can criticize the President from morning to night to her heart’s content. She can spill all the secrets she learned about the inner workings of the Cabinet.

Nobody is preventing her from doing that and the thing she does best — issue press statements.

Maybe she can simply rest because she needs it. The problem with doing nothing is that you cannot take time out from doing it.

Does Robredo need a break for something else?

Your guess is as good as ours.

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