Leni Robredo – the profile of a worthless politician

Leni Robredo – the profile of a worthless politician

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I just saw a photo of alleged vice president Leni Robredo on the cover of a glossy magazine. I didn’t read the accompanying story. I didn’t need to. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one was pretty much worthless. Like Robredo.

Being on that cover shows that Robredo and her communications team are still woefully behind the times in terms of messaging. It shows how ignorant they are of the changing sentiments of the people. Perhaps they did not get the memo signed by 16 million Filipinos saying that they are sick and fucking tired of the same of old politics of the pa-cute that has done nothing but make their kind richer, and left everyone else wallowing in shit for the past 30 years.

The people no longer want, nor have a need for these kinds of spit-and-polish politicians who talk a big game but have nothing to show for it except empty promises and high sounding rhetoric. They want doers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and jump in with the hoi poloi to get the job done. Now. Not later. Now.

No wonder Robredo’s knees are so smooth. Mine would be too if they were as cloistered as her’s is. Don’t give me that bullshit about her serving the community through pro bono legal work for the poor, or that she shuns the trappings of power by taking the bus and wearing slippers, in this day and age of instantaneous digital fame – anyone can come up with gimmicks like that. I don’t buy it, just like I won’t buy that magazine.

These days Leni Robredo is more preoccupied with issuing statements and having her picture taken with everyone and their cousins, instead of doing what she should be doing – making sure the victims of Yolanda will finally be able to spend Christmas in a real home instead of a fucking relocation center. Three years they’ve had their chance to complete that – and until today people are still waiting. And Robredo has the time to go to a photoshoot? What the fuck? Don’t yo have better things to do than waste your time posing before a camera? Hindi ka na nahiya? Eh parang si Imelda ka din eh, indulging yourself while your countrymen suffer. Ulol.

Leni Robredo on the cover of a magazine, especially one that’s priced way above the paycheck of most Filipinos, does nothing to say that she understands the ‘laylayan’ that she vainly claims to represent. It in fact does exactly the opposite – it shows her as a remnant of the old, discredited political order. Someone who is more concerned with projecting and protecting an image, instead of getting down and dirty in the service of the people. Leni Robredo has become the poster child of everything that is wrong with our political system – shallow, self-indulgent, apathetic, worthless. And come 2022, she will become jobless as well.

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