Listen: This song can reduce anxiety by 65 percent

Listen: This song can reduce anxiety by 65 percent

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U.K. neuroscientists have found a single song which can result in a dramatic 65% decrease in anxiety. While this may sound like more fiction than science, it’s definitely true. Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, who conducted the research, this song topped their list to prodce the greatest relaxation effect out of all the music that they have tested to date.

Those who suffer from or are familiar with anxiety know that it can feel one with feelings of dread, worry, fear, and panic. Sufferers often turn to pharmaceutical drugs to treat their condition. Another common treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy. While medication and therapy should carry no shame and anyone suffering from anxiety should definitely see a medical professional to address their concerns, we still want to hear this song and see if it can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Music therapy can definitely help people.

So what exactly is the song? Weightless, by Marconi Union. Listen to it below:



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