The Loida Nicolas Lewis connection in the anti-Duterte movement is deeper than we thought

De Lima gets an award...and a free PR campaign

The Loida Nicolas Lewis connection in the anti-Duterte movement is deeper than we thought

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So apparently Leila De Lima is getting an award from this American Foreign Policy Magazine. According to them De Lima should be recognized for standing up to President Duterte, whom they are calling “an extremist leader.”

First of all, if those running the magazine only took time to really examine and understanding what is happening in the Philippines, then they would know that the only thing Duterte is “extreme” about is fighting the illegal drug trade and the attendant criminality that comes with it.

Secondly, the only thing De Lima is standing for is the protection of her own skin after she has been consistently linked time and again by numerous witnesses to the same illegal drug trade that the President is trying to stamp out. Far from the battle for freedom that these ignorant Americans are trying to paint, De Lima’s opposition to Duterte is nothing more than a cheap political stunt. Just like the award is.

With a little bit of research from my friend Thinking Pinoy, we were able to uncover a link between the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which used to own the the magazine that is giving the award to De Lima, Loida Nicolas Lewis, the American multi-millionaire who is now asking for the resignation of President Duterte so that Leni Robredo can ascend to the presidency.

While there may be those who would dismiss the whole thing as coincidental, after all the number of people belonging to the one-percenters of America are by definition quite small, it is still a significant link if you consider that their connection goes back three decades – when the Carnegie group was active in supporting the Filipino anti-Marcos groups in the US and Lewis was one of the lawyers representing those same Filipinos.

Could it be possible that Lewis, in her old age, just wants to recreate the energy and excitement of her youth when she stood side-by-side with the likes of Raul Manglapus and Ninoy Aquino in toppling a dictator? Perhaps as she looks into the last years of her life, she sees herself as some kind of benevolent godmother of Philippine politics, arbitrarily dispensing her money to causes and candidates that fit her idea of good governance.

If this is the case, then her trip down memory lane may be prove to be costly. Not in terms of money – which Lewis has in abundance – but in suffering for Filipinos in the Philippines. Lewis’ support of a power grab by her pet politicians is creating unnecessary instability in the country. They, and not Duterte, are the ones who are damaging the image of the country by creating all these stories that detract from the real gains that the administration is making in the critical areas of peace with the communist and Muslim rebels.

De Lima’s award, the timing of all the negative news stories about Duterte, Robredo’s resignation, the calls for mass action – all these point to the possibility of an organized PR campaign against Duterte. And EXPENSIVE organized PR campaign against Duterte. Bought and paid for by people who have more money than good sense.


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