LTO rules that reckless motorist from viral video can never drive again

LTO rules that reckless motorist from viral video can never drive again

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Reckless Driver Miko Lopez

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released a resolution regarding Luis Miguel Lopez, better known as Miko Lopez who rose to social media notoriety over videos of him flagrantly and arrogantly breaking traffic rules. Lopez has had his license effectively revoked, faces P9,000 in fines, and is perpetually barred from driving a motor vehicle.

According to the memorandum issued by the LTO today, June 6, 2019, Lopez has been charged with multiple violations. For these, he faces fines ranging from P1,000 to P5,000.

Lopez’s violations came to LTO attention because of videos posted by the offender himself on social media. In these, he showed off his ability to break the law in creative ways and his disregard for his own safety, as well as of anyone else using public roads. In one video, Lopez operated a motor vehicle from the passenger’s seat. His left leg controlled the gas and break pedals while his left hand controlled the steering wheel. As he drove in this dangerous manner, he lit a cigarette and smoked.

Lopez also posted pictures showing him driving at 120 km/hr without a steering wheel, controlling the speeding vehicle through just holding the quick release adaptor. In another, he drove along a national highway at over 220km/hr.

The memorandum also shows that the LTO made reasonable efforts to contact Lopez and inform him of the subpoena issued against him on May 29, 2019. Combined with the adequate social media coverage given to his actions, and as well their consequences, the LTO assumed that Lopez not showing up or contacting the office in any way is a disregard of its authority.

Lopez will be charged with the following violations:

  • Reckless Driving (1st Offense), P2,000 fine
  • Failure to Wear or Use a Seatbelt (1st Offense), P1,000 fine
  • Overspeeding (Disregarding Traffic Sign), P1,000 fine
  • Unauthorized Motor Vehicle Modification, P5,000 fine

Luckily, Lopez has not yet injured another person with his actions. Thankfully, this danger has been taken off the road and he can no longer sabotage the safety of citizens.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade said that the decision of the LTO can now serve as a warning to motorists that compliance with laws is mandatory and driving is not a right.

“Driving on public roads is a privilege. Owning a license is a privilege. When we use those roads, we partake in the shared responsibility of road safety. What Mr. Lopez did was an utter disregard for the safety of motorists and pedestrians. He poses a danger to the public and, therefore, has no place on our public roads,” Secretary Tugade said.

By selfishly and purposely violating the traffic rules which were created to protect all road users, Lopez became a threat to the public. Thankfully, he was not smart enough to keep his ego to himself and he will now receive his punishment.

“The safety of the public is and will always be our top priority, hence, we shall not hesitate to strip the privilege of motorists who willfully engage others. We encourage the public to report drivers like Mr. Lopez. We implore our citizens to take part in penalizing arrogant road users so they are not emulated,” Asec. Galvante stressed.

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