Luis Manzano swims in garbage, wants people to be more ‘responsible’

Luis Manzano swims in garbage, wants people to be more ‘responsible’

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Celebrity Luis Manzano posing with plastic waste.Image via Instagram: @luckymanzano.

Luis Manzano has shared a moving post on Instagram showing that the deteriorating state of the oceans and the world’s growing plastic problems are no jokes. In his post, shared August 27 to Instagram, a scuba-diving Manzano is seen posing in blue waters, surrounded with all kinds of plastic and packaging waste.

Manzano uses his large online platform to show his followers the effects of improper waste management and trash disposal. He begins his caption with saying that all the litter he encountered was through just one dive.

Manzano’s video doesn’t specify where in the world he was scuba diving. However, ocean systems are interconnected and waste can travel much farther than one would expect, especially plastics which take very long times to break down. The Philippines is a major contributor of plastic waste to ocean pollution, making the issue hit close to home.

The amount of plastic pollution in the ocean is ever increasing, meaning that swimming among plastic bags may become more common than among fishes in the near future, lest we make drastic changes in our behavior.

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