Manny Piñol will go back to his farm if Duterte is not happy

Manny Piñol will go back to his farm if Duterte is not happy

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Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol poses in front of rice terraces.Image via Manny Piñol's Facebook page

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol has expressed his willingness to step down from his position, should President Rodrigo Duterte will it. Amid critique about rice shortage and distribution, Secretary Piñol reiterated that his being in government was to lend his agricultural expertise to the rice supply issue.

“On their call for my resignation because of these issues, my response would be: I serve at the pleasure of the President,” Piñol wrote on a Facebook post.

Piñol said that he volunteered to take the position to try and help resolve the rice supply and price issue, as he saw that “nobody in government was on top of the situation.”

However, the issue is yet to be entirely resolved. To this, Piñol added:

“If the President says he is not happy with my performance, I would gladly pack up my bags and go home to my farm. My only consolation would be that I am not facing issues of corruption.”

Addressing the Zamboanga rice crisis, Piñol said that the area will have a sufficient supply of rice to last them for six months, after approval from the National Food Authority Council comes through on the recommendations for additional stocks.

“Tumutulong lang po ako at pinakialaman ko na maski hindi ko trabaho,” said Piñol.

He ends his post with a final point on the distinction between the NFA and the DA, saying that the NFA is not under the DA and that the weevil infestation issue seen in some rice imports by the NFA is not the responsibility or blamed on the DA.

See Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol’s full post below:

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