Mar Roxas Denies Links to Drug Trade

Mar Roxas Denies Links to Drug Trade

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Former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, last Saturday, denied allegations by drug suspect Ricky Serenio linking him to notorious drug lord Melvin Odicta.

Former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, last Saturday, denied allegations by drug suspect Ricky Serenio linking him to notorious drug lord Melvin Odicta. Ricky Serenio, a top Visayas drug suspect and known ‘bagman’ of the Beria drug group, made the allegations in his sixth affidavit to police.

Serenio executed the three-page affidavit on October 18 at La Carlota City, Negros Occidental.

Roxas, in a post on his official facebook page, labeling the allegations as “clearly a poor and laughable attempt at fake news,” denied having any affiliation to Serenio and Odicta, citing the records of arrests, and anti-drug police operations conducted by the PNP during his stint at the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), stating:

“I dont know nor have I any dealings with Serenio nor Odicta; as in zero. I have been and am anti-illegal drugs and the record of arrests, confiscations and buy bust operations by the PNP during my time at DILG will show this. Clearly a poor and laughable attempt at fake news.”

Parts of Serenio’s affidavit were posted to the the AksyonRadyo Iloilo Facebook Page.

In his affidavit, Serenio states:

“That in this affidavit I will identify the personalities involved and narrate the facts and circumstances surrounding the drug trade propagated by the so-called narcopoliticians in the Visayas region. I am referring to the drug lords being protected by none other than Mar Roxas and Franklin Drilon, who had the plan of controlling the drug business in the Western Viasyas-Panay/Negros [region].”

Serenio links Mar Roxas and Franklin Drilon to incumbent Mayor of Iloilo Jed Patrcik Mabilog, whom Serenio identifies as an “indefatigable protector/strong supporter” of the late conjugal druglords Melvin Odicta, Sr., and wife Merriam Odicta, responsible for making Iloilo the most ‘shabulized’ city in the country.

Serenio further details that the partnership of Roxas and Drilon with Mabilog and Odicta, was intended to overthrow local drug suppliers and turnover operation of the drug trade in the region to Odicta.

“…this Roxas-Drilon drug scheme in partnership with Melvin Odicta was designed to take-over the drug trade in Negros by kicking out Berya Tolentino and Camaria from their dominance as local drug suppliers.”

“Being in power with close association to the PNP, it was easy for the Roxas-Drilon tandem to paralyze, and eventually overthrow the Berya-Camaria drug operations…the main objective of which is to turn over the drug operations in Negros to Odicta.”

It was Mar Roxas who, reportedly, pushed former President Benigno Aquino III to sign Executive Order 183 creating the Negros Island Region, supposedly, to boost economic growth and development in Negros Occidental and Oriental.

Melvin Odicta and wife Merriam were shot dead by unidentified assailants upon their arrival at the Caticlan Jetty Port in Aklan, last August 29.

President Duterte has accused Mayor Mabilog of protecting drug lords, a charge which the mayor has denied.

Mabilog has yet to return to the country after, supposedly, seeking medical treatment abroad.

His wife and children have also left the Philippines for “security” reasons.

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