Meddling CHR insists that PNP official violated “rights” of dirty cop

Meddling CHR insists that PNP official violated “rights” of dirty cop

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The PNP have been trying to clean up their ranks, ridding the country of corrupt and disloyal cops but the Committee on Human Rights seems to have a problem with that. Director Guillermo Eleazar of the National Capital Region Office recently has a record of humiliating alleged rogue cops in public and the CHR say that he violated his human rights.

Persistent know-it-all Jaqueline de Guia said in an interview on DZMM that Director Eleazar may have violated Police Corporal Marlo Quibete’s “right to dignity, right to presumption of innocence, right to humane treatment and all that.”

Quibete, a member of the Eastern Police District’s Drug Enforcement Unit, was humiliated by Eleazar on camera recently after getting arrested for allegedly extorting P200,000 from a drug suspect.

As you would expect, the irritating comment from the CHR spokesperson did not please the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), deeming that the CHR was defending a rogue cop, while disregarding the rights of his victim. Eleazar has already gotten the support of President Rodrigo Duterte, as well as Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año and Philippine National Police chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde for his actions but the CHR insist on virtue signaling while blatantly disregarding the rights of the people who are hurt by the actions of vicious criminals and heartless thugs.

“CHR has no human side. The General is just passionate in cleansing their ranks of scalawags as the public is crying for total cleansing,” VACC spokesperson Boy Evangelista said. This highlights the hypocrisy of the Human Rights Committee, as they insist on crying foul at the PNP from their high horses. Evangelista added “Nasaan ’yung human rights ng mga biktima? Some are already 6 feet below the ground.”

Jaqueline de Guia and the CHR need to learn how to leave the crime fighting to those in charge of doing so. The world is full of cruel people who steal and kill without conscience and the good should continue to fight fire with fire. Dirty cops need to be made an example, and if the meddling authority figures from the CHR get their way, it will only go to show that crime does pay and evil doers get more special treatment than the people they oppress.

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