Mindanao and the Guinness World Records (Part 2)

Mindanao and the Guinness World Records (Part 2)

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While he was alive, Lolong, the 21-foot, 1-ton saltwater crocodile caught in the Agusan Marsh held the world record for the largest crocodile in captivity

Many of the attempts Mindanao has done in setting new records for the Guinness World Records (GWR) were under the ‘group category.’ These feats were sometimes played out with entire community getting involved. In one instance, the entire island of Mindanao was drawn in. Some of the attempts have something to do with food.

Interestingly, a good number of the records set have been focused in generating tourism interests in local festivals, fiestas, and even school gatherings. The events were not simply conducted to gain honors but, more precisely, to introduce the products a place is known for to the national consciousness. Let’s revisit the attempts and see the diversities Mindanao can offer.

Euphoric in landing a record in the GWR book, Agusan del Sur made a bid for the world’s longest mudfish grill during its annual Maligayon Festival in 2003. The attempt involved 5,000 kgs of fresh halu-an, or mudfish, caught from the Agusan Marsh. No detail was made whether the attempt was achieved or, if attempted, was submitted for adjudication.

On Aug. 19, 2006, during the Philippine Women’s College Congress in Davao City, over 1,000 alumni and their families set a new record for the world’s longest durian roll. The feat took a day to finish and needed 250 kgs of durian puree, 20 sacks of flour, 40 kgs of lard, 500 pieces of eggs, 150 cans of evaporated milk, two sacks of salt, 2.5 kgs of yeast, and two sacks of white sugar. It’s unclear if the feat was submitted to the GWR for adjudication.

In August 2006, the DENR regional office in Caraga Region launched the idea of establishing a record for the world’s longest and largest human chain for tree-planting ever organized. An estimated 56,000 people were recruited to form a human chain and to plant trees along the 319-km Pan-Philippines National Highway, covering three provinces, 40 towns and 107 barangays. No adjudication or submission was reported.

In September 2006, during the province of Surigao del Norte’s second Pasayan (Shrimp) Festival, an attempt was made to establish the first record for the world’s biggest shrimp cookout. To achieve the feat, which was submitted to GWR for accreditation, a ton of fresh shrimps had to be steamed and served to spectators. Some 100,000 people attended the event.

Coinciding with its 2007 ‘Sibug-sibug Festival,’ Kabasalan, Sibugay Zamboanga, broke its world’s longest oyster grill record. Prepared by 48 cooks, the grill was 2.5-km long and required 11,000 kgs of large-size fresh oyster cooked with 300 sacks of charcoal. This eclipsed the town’s original record of 1.5 kms set in 2004, where some 15,000 pcs of oysters weighing 1,500 kgs, were lined up to form the continuous grill. The feat was submitted to the GWR for verification.

On Sept. 13, 2011, Lolong, an Indo-Pacific saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) was caught in a creek in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. Officially, it was measured at 20 ft 3 in (6.17 m), and weighed 2,370 lbs (1,075 kgs), making it to the GWR pages as the world’s largest crocodile in captivity. He died on Feb. 10, 2013, due to pneumonia and cardiac arrest.

On Sept. 30, 2013, the parish of San Miguel of Mabuhay, Zamboanga Sibugay, attempted to break the record for the world’s longest rice cake (biko). The cake measured 360 m and 10 cm long, 1-in thick and 12-in wide. A total of 1,080 kgs of glutinous rice were cooked, 3,240 pcs of coconuts grated, and 712 kgs of sugar as sweetener. Close to a thousand persons prepared the food.

Gen. Santos City is the tuna capital of the Philippines
Gen. Santos City is the tuna capital of the Philippines

And, on Sept. 11, 2014, Gen. Santos City, the country’s ‘tuna capital’, broke the record for the world’s highest volume of fresh tuna catch in one day during its Tuna Festival. Some 33 metric tons of fresh tuna were weighed, mustered at the fish port and subjected to documentation. The new record surpassed the 4.5 MT set by the Netherlands. The feat was sent for validation.

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