Mindavote Sends 200,000 Thank Yous

Mindavote Sends 200,000 Thank Yous

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Mindavote started out as a small advocacy has now grown into a social media community and a socio-political movement. All thanks to the dedicated followers and supporters who share the same dreams and ideals for Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines.
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The Mindavote community recently celebrated a milestone with its 200,000th Like. From a ordinary fan page whose goal was simply to share the good news about Mindanao, we have grown to become a real community.

Along the way we met many new friends (and made a few enemies ?), built relationships, established trust, and helped a little in putting the best man for the job in Malacanang.

But none of these things would have been possible without YOU. Yes, you. We’re talking about all of those who have liked the page, commented on our posts, shared them with their friends, and stood by us from the very beginning.

Because of ALL of you, we are what we are now. And what we are is not a small thing. We will let you in on a secret, below is a screenshot from Facebook that compares our engagement rate with a few well-known media outlets. And as you can see, we have done ok ?. We even have a higher engagement-to-audience ratio, which is really a testament to how active you all are in reacting, commenting, and sharing our posts ????????.

Based on the comparative Facebook analytics, Mindavote has a more engaged social media audience than three of the Philippines' top media companies.
Based on the comparative Facebook analytics, Mindavote has a higher social media engagement rate than Inquirer.net (178.1k vs 166k), and a stronger engagement-to-audience ratio (88.7%) than both ABS-CBN News (8.7%) and GMA News (9.5%).

So congratulations, and may we continue to do what we love, for our God, our country, our president, and each other. Mabuhay po kayo.

Oh and just to let you know, we are expanding our platform via a new website called Mindanation.com. Here we will share more news, information, opinions and analysis, and whatever other stuff that takes our fancy. You’re welcome to join us again on another new journey, and maybe discover a few things along the way.

Again, thank you to all of you from all of us, and please subscribe to Mindanation to get the latest posts.

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