Missing: Cebu City mayor’s seal

Missing: Cebu City mayor’s seal

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MISSING SEAL. Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella (right) and Councilor Jerry Guardo wait for the seal of the mayor's office before the latter's oath-taking on Tuesday (July 2, 2019). Staff at the mayor's office searched for the seal which was discovered missing, to no avail. (Photo by Luel Galarpe)

Before former Cebu City Tommy Osmeña stepped down, he made sure his replacement, Edgardo Labella, will have the coldest welcome possible by stripping the office of all lighting and fixtures.

Osmeña claims he spent his own money to finish the office after the previous city administration denied him funding. So of course, he made sure the new mayor would face the same difficulties he did because what’s the point of being a better person, right Tommy?

But it turns out that Osmeña may have stolen much more than Labella’s peace of mind. The official seal of the mayor’s office was discovered to be missing on Tuesday morning during Councilor Jerry Guardo’s oath-taking before Mayor Labella.

Labella’s staff could not find the seal in the office, though we’re sure the search didn’t take that long, given the bare bones space.

“I thought it was just the (toilet) bowl that was lost but also the seal?” Labella asked when the staff returned with no seal on hand.

The mayor has since ordered for an extensive search for the seal, which is a government property donated to the city government.

When Osmeña cleared out all the shelves, lights, plumbing fixtures, partitions, and door, ceiling and floor works, the General Services Officer Cebu City certified that all materials belonged to the former mayor.

If you or anyone you know has any clue as to where the city seal is, please don’t hesitate to contact Mindanation. Let’s bring that baby home where it belongs.

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