MMFF Mini-review: Seklusyon

MMFF Mini-review: Seklusyon

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Set in post World War II, a young deacon nearing priesthood (Ronnie Alonte) is sent to a weeklong retreat, where it is said the devil’s temptation is at its strongest. Meanwhile, a priest (Neil Ryan Sese) investigates a child-healer. Their paths cross when the bishop sends the child and her guardian nun to the far-flung retreat house.

“Seklusyon” is a horror story and part-religious thriller. Scary, riveting, and disturbing. The film’s production design, sound design, musical scoring, cinematography, and the actors’ performances combine to bring out an eerie atmospheric dread to the film.

In the film, the characters are tormented not by unknown supernatural creatures but by the ghosts of their sinful past. And the real horror comes from their supposed salvation.

The film’s message of false messiahs and their manipulated messengers who have infiltrated organized religion can be taken as an offense by those who are strong in their doctrinal belief or as a relevant echo to those who have their doubts. #MMFF2016 #Seklusyon

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