More Netizens react to biased, anti-Duterte reporting by Belmonte-owned Philippine Star

More Netizens react to biased, anti-Duterte reporting by Belmonte-owned Philippine Star

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Netizens have expressed their frustration and disdain with another obvious case of biased media reporting. A recent post by the Philippine Star, a media outfit owned by the Belmonte clan, misleadingly misquoted President Duterte’s statement from his visit to areas affected by the Taal eruption.

Netizen Marky Anacta called out the shady reporting by Philippine Star and shared the full quote by President Duterte. He wrote:

“Let me share to you his complete words before he said the quoted phrase on the image below.

“Tomorrow, mag-ikot-ikot ako . . . I want to go around . . .” Duterte told reporters in an interview during his visit to the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City Monday.

… ‘Pag hindi nyo ako nakita sa daan, sa bangin nyo na ako hanapin,” Duterte said in jest, adding that he would also make a survey of the areas abroad a helicopter.

When told that he could still encounter heavy ashfall during his visit, Duterte said, “Kainin ko pa yang ashfall na ‘yan. pati ‘yang Taal na ‘yan, ihian ko ‘yan, ‘yang bwisit na ‘yan.”

“I will give financial (assistance). . . . Meron tayong pera, kung tulong lang, meron tayong pera, kaya hindi natin uubusin sa corruption,”

If read as a whole, it isn’t so bad. He is willing to brave the ash fall just to help our countrymen. That’s not bad at all in my book. ©

The real context is that a journalist asked President Duterte how the ashfall could affect his health. The full transcript of President Duterte’s reply shows that his top concern, as it always is, is the country. His joke shows that he will willingly sacrifice his own health to help his countrymen.

But instead of reporting that, Philippine Star took a cheap shot at the Chief Executive. They intentionally mislead the public – giving undeserved vindication to critics who refuse to see his good work and giving cruel dismay to victims of this natural disaster who are hoping for the President’s help.

Netizens quickly reacted to the post, agreeing with Marky and condemning Philippine Star and other mainstream media outlets. As of this writing, it has 23,000 reactions, 2,700 comments, and 24,000 shares.

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