Netizens roast ABS-CBN journalist fishing for complaints against frontliners

Netizens roast ABS-CBN journalist fishing for complaints against frontliners

- in Philippines

Yesterday, ABS-CBN journalist Chiara Zambrano pleaded with netizens to overcome their fear and report the abuses of police and uniformed personnel to her. Echoing the sentiment of Manila citizens who suspect that the government could use the COVID-19 pandemic to abuse their power and enforce Martial Law, Zambrano’s plea sought to preempt any possible abuse by giving citizens a voice. However, her efforts quickly backfired as the real truth was exposed: citizens are fed up with the abuse of the media and the relentless efforts of Zambrano and her colleagues to manufacture conflict between the people of the Philippines and the government. Rather than exposing any suspected police abuses, Zambrano just opened herself up to the rightful criticism of Filipino netizens.

Read below for her post and the comments which correct her biased reporting.

Unfortunately, it seems that Zambrano has chosen to not listen to the responses of her posts because they were not what she expected she’d get. In a follow up post today, she called the comments of netizens “vitriol” (cruel, bitter criticism) and continued to enforce the divide between those who support her and her ideology and those who are trying to survive peacefully during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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