Now De Lima wants police to use megaphones in arresting criminals

What idiocy is this?

Now De Lima wants police to use megaphones in arresting criminals

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Leila de Lima has just redefined the boundaries of idiocy by filing a bill that seeks to, among others, make it mandatory for the police to use megaphones in issuing warnings to criminals before they can arrest them.

How exactly De Lima envisions this to work is not very clear to me (and I suspect neither is it with her), particularly in cases where police operations are done undercover – such as in a buy-bust situation – and life or death are decided in a split-second.

This is the kind of sloppy legislation Filipinos are bound to get when we keep electing idiots into office. Looking at the past record of De Lima, where as Secretary of the Department of Justice she allowed the proliferation of illegal drugs within the penal system itself, it is no surprise that this is the kind of laws that she wants to pass.

While she continues to deny her involvement, the eye-witness testimonies of several inmates and former prison officials – including those who admit to handing millions of pesos directly to her – is just too much to overcome. The time for her reckoning is coming up fast, and all she is doing is trying to stay afloat at this point. And literally praying for a miracle that would save her ass.

For now, aside saving from her own neck, De Lima’s other main preoccupation appears to be how to protect the rights of the criminals she coddled for six years. Perhaps this is a prelude, or maybe even a premonition on her part as to her own impending future as the state’s guest in Muntinlupa.

The recent filing of drug charges against De Lima and seven others, by the very office that she formerly headed seems to indicate that the end is near for this faux human rights crusader. And if there is any justice in the world, maybe Secretary Aguirre can bring a megaphone the next time he visits the senate. That’s one announcement about De Lima that we will eagerly await.

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