Media Oops in the Duterte Coverage

Media Oops in the Duterte Coverage

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Aside from irritating the other media covering President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in Davao with her prima donna ways, this lady reporter  isn’t doing herself or her network any favors with her constant run ins with Duterte’s supporters.

According to our sources, one incident happened at the Mandaya hotel on the night after voting had closed. In order to monitor the results coming in from different stations, the campaign team set up several television sets in the dining area, each assigned to a particular network. What irked the people there was when the lady reporter and her team sat near the set assigned to another network and changed the channel. Good thing someone changed it back, despite their protestations.

Everything would have been ok if it was only that minor incident, but there was an even bigger faux pas when she tried to enter a restricted floor, this time at the Marco Polo Hotel, where the President-elect’s men were holding their private meetings. Upon being told that she wasn’t supposed to be there and was asked to leave, she was overheard cursing the hotel and its owners by the hotel staff.

Apparently this pattern of self-entitlement was there during the campaign when she would insist on joining Duterte even on his chopper rides, this despite the fact that her reports never made it to her networks telecasts. And worse, where even used to attack Duterte. Tsk tsk, I guess the next few days will see how this lady and her employers will do in this era of social media.

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