P2.5 B slashed from SEA Games budget used to bloat Drilon’s Iloilo budget

P2.5 B slashed from SEA Games budget used to bloat Drilon’s Iloilo budget

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Rep. Ron P. Salo of the Kabayaan Partylist took to the plenary floor today to manifest his strong support of the country’s hosting of the 2019 SEA Games. The speech encouraged officials and citizens to come together in support of the country’s efforts and to minimize the negative coverage destroying the international image of the nation. After all, the 30th SEA Games have been a huge success so far, despite the few hiccups which have been disproportionately reported. The spirit of #WeWinAsOne has not been dampened, even with the event’s budget being slashed by P2.5 B in the delayed 2019 General Appropriation’s Act. In truth, the organizers and the Duterte administration have been able to pull off one of the greatest sports infrastructure programs the country has ever seen.

But speaking directly on the slashed budget of the SEA Games, Rep. Salo highlighted an important detail that all the media outlets eager to cover all the toilets seem to have missed: the same budget conference which slashed P2.5 B from the country’s hosting of the biggest ever SEA Games coincided with a simultaneous increase of P2.3 B for the budget of Iloilo.

No wonder the good gentleman from Iloilo, Senator Drilon, has been so active lately. He’s after a double win – first, he got to line his personal pork funds with an extra P2.3 B, and now he gets to drag down his political enemies while looking like the hero opposition Senator stamping out corruption. What a good deal for the sleepy Senator. Too bad it came at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers, Filipino athletes, and the national image. He’d be laughing all the way to the bank if he wasn’t asleep.

Maybe Iloilo can be treated by Drilon to another P700 M Convention Center that can also be underutilize.

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