Please stop telling voters to get educated – it’s elitist and annoying

Please stop telling voters to get educated – it’s elitist and annoying

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My Facebook feed right now is filled with “woke” people, “mga disenteng tao” crying about how no one from OTSO DERETSO won. It’s the “death of democracy”. Please bring our country back and take away these monsters in government or everything will continue falling apart, etc etc.

It’s not and it won’t. Here’s why.

No matter how woke these people claim to be, they cannot open their eyes to the reality that they are not the Filipino reality, their lives not the Filipino narrative, and that maybe, their opinions just aren’t that popular.

For some reason, they can imagine that the Filipino voter is educated unless their votes are for the same Liberal losers.

For some reason, they cannot imagine anyone elses views as being valid apart from theirs.

There must be a reason why their candidates are losing and the Duterte administration maintains its popularity, but this reason can’t be that people simply do not identify with their politics or rhetoric.

And to demand that people do, and to call them stupid for not, is elitist and privileged.

It is a privilege they have that imagines the rights of criminals because they have never been face to face with criminals. It is a privilege to imagine how the drug menace should be dealt with and to criticize everything this administration is doing, all because they don’t have relatives or friends who they’ve lost to shabu , their villages don’t have that one house where they tell their children not to walk past because an addict lives there, and their drugs of choice if ever are cocaine and ecstacy so the only problem they’d really have with the drug war is that their supply got more expensive.

I don’t understand why these people think the election was stolen from them. OTSO candidates, besides Bam Aquino, never made the cut in the national surveys. But they were more that happy to turn a blind eye to Leni Robredo’s stolen win.

Philippine democracy is not dead. It is alive and well. Millions of people came out yesterday to vote. The branches of government are not melting into a dictatorship.

Please, for the love of God, get off your high horses and realize this: you are just the minority now. Your opinion doesn’t win elections because your opinion is held by few. Losing is part of democracy too. Maybe be happy for our countrymen because for the first time ever, they have found a government that resonates with them so well that midway through they vote to strengthen its priorities and agendas by empowering senators who believe in their same vision.

Sorry nalang that your opinion isn’t popular anymore. You lost. It happens. Try again next election, maybe your bets will win and you can go back to not caring and politics anymore because our “monster president” has been replaced by your own. But judging from the results yesterday, this doesn’t seem likely. I think the people are finally tired of you speaking for them and they can do it themselves from now on.

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