PNA photographer takes to Facebook to share progress on MRT-7

PNA photographer takes to Facebook to share progress on MRT-7

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PNA photo by Oliver Marquez

Following the growing trend of social media-citizen reporting, a post on Facebook has been spreading to raise awareness about the state of development of the MRT-7 project, a massive infrastructure undertaking that would connect by train system Metro Manila to Northern areas like Bulacan. The line is a priority of the Duterte administration’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program and will run from San Jose del Monte City in Bulacan to North Avenue, Quezon City.

A photoset posted Sunday morning by netizen Oliver Fernandez Marquez shows the project in a progressed state, with the rail system standing tall and many segments already bearing established platforms.

The project is scheduled for completion by 2020, and from the looks of the photos, is not expected to be delayed.

The photos were taken by Marquez for the Philippine News Agency (PNA). However, despite the sourcing of the photo, there seems to be a lack of coverage from mainstream media on the project. A search engine look into mainstream media’s coverage of ‘MRT-7 progress’, ‘PNA MRT-7’, and even just ‘MRT-7’ show headlines dating back months, with no update even after the photo set was released earlier this morning. The photos show that the towering rail system, located along busy thoroughfare Commonwealth Avenue, is anything but hiding. In the comments section of the post, other netizens point out the rapid progression of the project, expressing hope that it would be accomplished on time, despite the historically delayed track record of infrastructure set by previous administrations. Others voice their hope that the project be completed under the term of the current administration, so that the needed development is not lost in political blacklisting.


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