President Duterte celebrates Christmas with 5-year-old boy battling leukemia

President Duterte celebrates Christmas with 5-year-old boy battling leukemia

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President Duterte gives Jacob Wong a hug.

The Christmas season is about celebrating with loved ones. Of course, for the President of the country this should include all Filipinos. President Duterte, or Tatay Digong as he is affectionately called, has chosen to spend the season with an ailing young boy, Jacob Wong. Videos of their shared moment, posted by Jacob’s mom, show the President and Jacob sharing genuine smiles, laughs, and hugs. Obviously, President Duterte cares deeply about helping all Filipinos, especially the youth.

The videos start with President Duterte enthusiastically greeting Jacob. The young boy was waiting for the President in the latter’s living room in Davao City.

The videos see President Duterte giving Jacob a fatherly hug, kissing the child tenderly on the forehead, and the two sharing gleeful whispers.

President Duterte even gifted Jacob with two toy model motorcycles. The presents were obviously personally chosen by the President, who has a fondness for bikes.

The public doesn’t often get to see this side of President Duterte as intimately as in the videos – the gentle, loving father figure who dreams of all Filipinos having a safe and comfortable life. But with Jacob, President Duterte was able to fully relax, smile, and laugh. Though the visit was arranged for Jacob, the interaction was obviously a treat for the President as well.

Jacob Wong is currently bravely battling childhood leukemia. His mother Johanne Bernice, posts about Jacob’s progress and journey under the #TeamSuperJacob hashtag on social media.

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