PWD with no lower legs barred from entering BIR for wearing shorts

PWD with no lower legs barred from entering BIR for wearing shorts

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From Nancy Torrelino Boroc's Facebook.

Nancy Boroc is a 27-year-old Filipino living in Calbayog City, Samar. She’s an aspiring Youtuber, working under the username The Little Traveler. She’s also a PWD and was born without the lower half of her legs.

Earlier this month, she posted a vlog and corresponding Facebook post recounting her terrible encounter with the guard of a Bureau of Internal Revenue office in Calbayog.

Boroc cannot wear long pants. She simply cannot fit into them and thus opts to wear shorts. On August 6, she needed to submit a document to the local BIR office for her sister. Unfortunately, a new Memorandum going around was apparently so strict that even a PWD cannot be allowed any excuse.

Boroc posted a loose transcript of her encounter with the guard. The requirement of wearing long pants while transacting with government offices is not uncommon – visitors and guests to the office are typically required to observe the solemnity of the venue by following a certain dresscode.

However, Boroc obviously could not wear long pants. Instead of understanding the specific situation facing this PWD, the guard chose to strictly enforce the new Memorandum.

We weren’t able to find a copy of the Memorandum in question, but we do hope that Boroc’s sister’s documents found a way to be submitted. As the vlogger said, she is telling the story for awareness on the daily struggles facing PWDs. Surely, the Memorandum can be amended to include provisions for PWDs. In the meantime, we hope that the guard can find it in his heart or brain to be a bit more critical minded.

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