Questions for the de Lima Show

Questions for the de Lima Show

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OK, here we go again. The Leila de Lima roadshow continues, this time with the testimony of alleged self-confessed Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato, who dropped some serious charges against President Rodrigo Duterte, PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa, and Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

But after watching his testimony, there are so many questions that were left unasked and unanswered. (Note: This page is live and will be updated periodically as more questions arise. Please refresh your browser every once in a while.)

  1. If Edgar Motabato was already in the Witness Protection Program during the time of President Aquino, when De Lima was the Secretary of Justice, why didn’t he come out then?
  2. How could a group called Lambada Boys be formed in 1988 when the movie Lambada only came out in 1990?
  3. Didn’t de Lima herself say that the probe on the DDS was ended and it had nowhere to go, so where did this new witness come from?
  4. What kind of memory aid is he drinking that he can come up with so many details going back almost 30 years?
  5. What do the unproven charges about the DDS in the 1990s have to do with unproven charges of EJKs today?
  6. What deal did Matobato cut with de Lima so that he would give “testimony” without any assurance that he would be placed under witness protection?
  7. If, as Motabato claims, he presented himself to the Commission on Hunan Rights, why didn’t the CHR turn him away?
  8. For someone who claims to have intimate knowledge of the operations of the “DDS,” why is Matobato fumbling on some details like where Cebu businessman Richard King was killed? (He said King was killed at a MacDonald’s; he was actually killed inside the Vital C Building along Lacson Street in Davao City).
  9. Does Matobato want us to believe that, after killing hundreds of people, his “DDS” colleagues only tortured him and then let him go — only to try to hunt him down again?

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