Racist netizens cry foul over Chinese man cooking lobster, despite it obviously not being from the West Philippine Sea

Racist netizens cry foul over Chinese man cooking lobster, despite it obviously not being from the West Philippine Sea

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There is conflict in the West Philippine Sea. A number of countries are claiming the resource-rich region, including the Philippines and China (who call it the South China Sea). Recently, a fishing boat incident involving Chinese and Filipino fishermen has fueled the divisive flames around the issue. One happy product of this conflict, however, is that all the racists looking for an excuse to exercise their flawed judgment now have a fake cause to pretend to rally around.

For example, a video posted by a Chinese blogger has received some very ignorant comments. In the video, a man energetically cooks and then eats a gigantic lobster. He speaks in Chinese and sits in a small boat while making his meal.

The video, posted July 2, 2019, has been viewed 3.9 M times and has received 3.3K comments, many of which are from unjustly angry Filipinos.

Despite the absolutely non-political nature of the video, some angry racists decided that this man had to absolutely be fishing in Philippine waters. They filled his comment box with racist comments which dismissed him as an illegal fisherman. However, these oh-so-sharp special kids didn’t seem to care about two glaring red flags which disprove their theory:

First, the video shows a very small village and fishing boats in the background that are obviously not in the West Philippine Sea.

Second, and I don’t blame those geniuses for not knowing this since I don’t think they have the mental capacity to do a google search or even know the most basic things about the marine resources they claim to care about, but the lobster in the video is not found in the West Philippine Sea.

Here are some choice comments:

See, there are two basic types of lobsters. There are Maine lobsters, also called American lobsters or the Norther Lobster (Homarus americanus). These lobsters are found on the North Atlantic coast of America, the Eastern coast of Canada, the coast of North Carolina, and the territories between. Then there are Rock lobsters or spiny lobsters. These are also called sea crayfish and they are found in warmer waters.

Maine lobsters are called true lobsters because they have a pretty obvious defining feature – big, juicy, delicious to bit into claws.

Rock lobsters only have flesh in their tails.

Here is a visual representation of the differences:

Image from Kitchen Sanity.

On the left is a rock lobster. This is what Philippine lobsters look like. Meat in their tails, no big claws. They also tend to have spots on their exoskeletons.

It’s pretty obvious.

Now, let me say this slowly – the video obviously showed a Maine lobster. The Philippines has rock lobsters.

I truly, sincerely hope that that was simple enough for the idiots who commented on that poor man’s video to understand.

I’m not saying that everyone should have eating lobster to be smart or that everyone should be a marine biologist (though it certainly would be great if more youths went into science), I’m saying that before you assume something, do a little research. Especially when you’re accusing a stranger of being a, and I quote, “chingchong fishing militia member”. All of these assuming people just look like racist assholes now.

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