Rappler lets junior writer create novella out of hero cop’s death

Rappler lets junior writer create novella out of hero cop’s death

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6 days ago, Misamis Oriental Police Senior Master Sergeant Jason Magno tragically lost his life in the line of duty. His final act of service was to use his own body to smother a grenade blast, saving the lives of his partner, Master Sergeant Alice Balido, and several civilians, many of whom were students.

Sgt. Magno’s heroism has earned him the commendation of the National Police and the respect of the nation.

However, it has come to the attention of the staff here at Mindanation that the brave sacrifice of Sgt. Magno has been irresponsibly “reported” by blogging site Rappler as if it was the plot of a movie and not the real story of a dedicated public servant. While the bravery displayed by Sgt. Magno in his last moments certainly deserves to capture our attention, we find that the shoddy work done by Rappler is disrespectful to the man.

Here are the multiple ways that Rappler and their obviously inexperienced writer, Rambo Talabong, chose to editorialize this the story of Sgt. Magno and the many ways it failed. This is the article in question screencapped in its entirety. Accompanying it are the questions we were left with after reading it.

Sgt. Magno deserved better than to have his story butchered for a quick byline.

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