Robredo continues capitalizing on Taal eruption by staging photoshoot of her packing relief goods

Robredo continues capitalizing on Taal eruption by staging photoshoot of her packing relief goods

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It’s been a few days since “Pandesal-gate” broke and unfortunately, Leni Robredo still doesn’t seem to understand what we’re talking about. In fact, the latest exhausting update is that she’s just released a whole photoshoot of her packing relief goods.

As if that addresses anything. Take a look below to see Robredo’s latest obnoxious attempt at being the hero of the Taal eruption.

It is just so staged. So produced. So ingenuine. So fake.

Yes, pandesal is now the new meme. Yes, it’s pretty funny seeing posts focusing on the alleged 5 pieces of bread. But jokes aside, it’s really quite horrifying to see that the Vice President’s office has been reduced to such a low level by such a petty woman.

Much more important than the pandesal is the number of media personnel who joined her on her gift-giving mission. Why is out Vice President using this disaster as a PR moment? Is this a genuine gesture meant to aid our suffering countrymen, or is this just a stunt to paint Robredo’s shiny new image?

When you only care about the press and the person receiving the relief isn’t your main audience, you bring more reporters than solutions. When you only care about taking petty jabs at people with legitimate ciritcism of your motives, you take videos like this:

Your new photos show you smiling and laughing while squatting down on the ground. So down to earth and accessible. What a hard worker, right?

But this just goes to show how out of touch you are.

What a petty, small person. Not only did you completely miss the point, but you staged it all to “fact-check” Mocha Uson. You point to the boxes and joke about her, but what did she do besides expose the frustration Filipinos felt about your PR stunt? What did you do except prove her right – your own concern is your own image.

If packing away biscuits helps you sleep at night and lets you pretend that you’re actually doing your job, then go ahead Leni. But don’t call us liars. You’re the one lying to yourself.

You are occupying the second highest office in the country. If you have to personally pack relief goods to show that you are doing anything to help our countrymen in need, then you are truly useless. Do something bigger. Fix the bigger picture and prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Develop disaster preparedness plans and protocols. Launch a campaign to safeguard the health and well-being of evacuees. Do something better. Do something that will make a real difference. Your time should be better spendable. Why is our Vice President packing canned goods during a crisis?

Trust me, there are many ways that you could more appropriately help. Unfortunately for the victims of Taal, these aren’t as photogenic and don’t make as pretty a headline as donating goods does.

Despite the piles of single use biscuit wrappers piling that room, Robredo remained the most plastic thing. Nothing can come close to her level of ego and vested interests.

That’s why Robredo can only smile for the camera again and pose as she rearranges packs of Hansel crackers. She is responding to the shallowest concern of damned pandesal when that’s not what anyone is really talking about. But it’s the only level she can operate on. She cannot justify her media entourage because it is unjustifiable. It is disrespectful. It is shameful. It is obscene.

Leni Robredo, let me spell it out for you nice and slow. We are not questioning whether or not you gave relief goods. We don’t give a damn about the pandesal. We are calling you out for capitalizing on a tragedy to put yourself in the newspapers. Just try and call us liars for that.

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