Robredo Mumbo Jumbo

Responding to President Duterte's SONA

Robredo Mumbo Jumbo

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According to Leni Robredo, Human Rights “is the totality, the core and the soul of our country.”

Madame Robredo, “Human Rights” do not form a harmonious whole. They contradict each other. You cannot have disharmony as your “soul and core.” You need something that gives you stability; and rights, being contradictory, can’t be that.

Furthermore, as Martin Koskenniemi said in The Future of Statehood: “Rights discourse cannot form a polity because it relies on (conceptually independent) political institutions to define rights.”

“We don’t have a prior knowledge of our rights,” Koskenniemi adds, “We create them through political processes.”

Ibig sabihin, ang mga human rights na yan ay walang independent existence sa mga institutions na nag-bibigay sa kanila ng kahulagan at sa political na process na kung saan sila ay ipinapanganak. At katulad ng sinabi ko kanina, ang mga rights na yan ay mumbo jumbo churva lang kung walang political community.

So Miss Philippines, what is the core and soul of our country? It is RESPONSIBILITY. OUR MUTUAL OBLIGATION. ANG ATING PANANAGUTAN SA ISA’T ISA.

As that song goes: Walang sino man ang nabubuhay, para sa sarili lamang. Our duty towards each other is what binds us together and what turns us into a nation.

Without responsibility, community is impossible. And without a community, there’ll be no nation. When we fulfil our responsibility, we bind ourselves to our fellow citizens, our relationships become stronger, and more stable.

And that’s why responsibility is the core and soul of our country: it glues us to each other, and we form a stable society and a stronger nation. Thank you very much!

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