Ryan Eigenmann responds to claims that he’s ‘in love’ with Liza Soberano

Ryan Eigenmann responds to claims that he’s ‘in love’ with Liza Soberano

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Ryan Eigenmann commented on one of Liza Soberano’s Instagram posts and got a bit more of a reactiont han he probably thought he would. Soberano posted an outtake from her prime-time series Bagani, showing her bloodied up. Eigenmann, who played a villain on the same show before his character was killed off (spoiler alert, sorry), fired off a quick comment, asking “Cut yourself shaving?”

What was probably meant as a quick joke between friends became a hotbed of gossip when Instagram user @ lizasoberanooo87 hit back with a reply out the left field: “are you in love with Liza? Admit”

The same commenter responded for him to  their own question saying ‘bagay kau ni @lizasoberano.” Eigenmann’s response, though tagging another user @ karencarcel, was “ako? Mahal ako ng nany ko… ikaw daw sana pinahid nalang sa tshirt…”

Another separate comment from the same user asked Eigenmann again, “you in love with @lizasoberano”

To this comment, Eigenmann replied. He pointed out the jump between what he commented and the accusations thrown against him. “nag-comment lang in love na agad? Anong kabobohan yan? So ikaw nag-comment sa kin in love ka din? GTFO!”

Fans of both Soberano and Eigenmann jumped on the thread to laugh at the’savage’ ‘burn’ thrown out by Eiganmann against the original commenter. It is yet to be seen if user @ lizasoberanooo87 will ever recover from being so brutally shut down.

#BAGANIKumawala ctto daw hahaha @dimplesromana 🤗

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