Sec. Locsin calls alleged Vice President Robredo “boba” and “brainless”

Sec. Locsin calls alleged Vice President Robredo “boba” and “brainless”

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. (Photo by BEN STANSALL / AFP, Image from Inquirer).

In case you missed it, alleged Vice President Leni Robredo has chimed in on former Department of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario’s self-manufactured drama. Not surprisingly, Robredo, a beneficiary of the legacy of power abuse left by generations elites, advised against cancelling the courtesy diplomatic passports issued to ex-government officials.

Also not surprisingly, she has been called an stupid for this. Current DFA chief Teddy Locsin, Jr. did not mince words, quickly calling Robredo “boba” and “brainless” on Twitter.

Locsin was particularly reacting to Robredo’s decision to continue on the tired narrative of misplaced nationalism, putting Del Rosario into the role of the victim and both China and the Duterte Administration as aggressors out to erode our nation’s independence.

Robredo’s reaction to the outrage against Del Rosario was to question the very people she is supposed to be serving. This is not surprising, as her loyalty obviously lies with her own agendas and not with taxpayers. Just goes to show that it’s much easier to talk about an imagined Philippines under threat than it is to listen to actual Filipinos complain against the system which installed you into power.

Locsin made it clear to Robredo – he ordered the cancellation of all courtesy passports, not just Del Rosario’s, squashing in the process her conspiracy theory that the retired diplomat was the target of some inter-government plot.

Locsin echoed the sentiment of the people and said that the “right” thing to do is to restrict the use of diplomatic passports to “real existing working diplomats”. These privileges are bestowed upon officials by the power of the authority of the Philippines. There’s no reason for these officials to continue holding these special privileges after leaving their position, at least outside of keeping up special relationships with other elites who enjoy abuse and consolidating powers.

We’re with you, Sec. Locsin. Fingers crossed some kind soul gives Robredo a brain soon. That or sew her mouth shut.

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