Self-serving media defend right to spread fake news

Self-serving media defend right to spread fake news

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So I saw this today and let me give my two cents.

This would be valid if media outlets were actually doing their jobs. If they were actually reporting in the news. No, they’re executing a malicious demolition job over politics and masking it with more press freedom bullshit.

Don’t give me more media martyr bullshit. You idiots just tried to make a national headline over a chicken sausage that wasn’t even served. It was someone’s baon, but you found a way to forward a political agenda. In fact, can someone tell me what media covered what was actually said in the presscon? Anything of substance? Nothing? Just sausages and blank walls. Disgraceful.

We are attacking the media’s coverage of the media not because we want to be blind followers, but because we don’t think any of your editors or journalists deserve to have your jobs. What happened to fact checking? What’s the point of your degrees and your training when you are basically glorified gossips? Please tell me one legitimate concern that’s been raised by media that hasn’t been categorically dismissed as false yet. Give me an honest accounting of how the good outweighed the bad. You can’t because you’re grasping at straws and making shit up.

You’re worse than TMZ. At least they provide human interest stories sometimes.

I’d rather have honest positive vibes than lies. I’d rather focus on the huge and undeniable success of our SEA Games hosting than make up some devil’s advocate crap about how it’s a “failure”.

The SEA Games isn’t a failure. This nation’s sad excuse of a Fourth Estate is.

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