Sen. Bong Go calls out Kiko Pangilinan for political grandstanding amidst virus scare

Sen. Bong Go calls out Kiko Pangilinan for political grandstanding amidst virus scare

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It seems that n-COV does not just cause flu-like symptoms in people with weak immune systems, it also causes partial blindness for dilawan politicians.

Take for example the case of Senator Kiko Pangilinan, president of the defeated Liberal Party.

On Thursday, Pangilinan participated in the wide-scale fearmongering spawned by the first confirmed case of the n-COV virus in the Philippines. Obviously, the senator did not care that the patient actually had no fever or other symptoms, thanks probably to her healthy immune system. He also ignored the massive response of health officials to quarantine and observe any possible risk-patients, even healthy individuals because they could possibly infect more vulnerable communities like the elderly.

Instead he said that travelers from China should go directly to Malacanang Palace. Why, because he hopes that President Duterte, who has been proactively instructing the government to take actions against the spread of the disease in our borders, would catch the disease and die?

Or what about alleged-VP Leni Robredo’s statements which encourage a ban against all of China? Despite this being contradictory to the advise of the World Health Organization? Or the numerous studies which show that travel bans are not effective policies against transmittable disease?

Thankfully, there are still some thinking minds in the government.

Senator Bong Go, in reaction to Pangilinan’s ill thought out and baseless attack on the administration, advised that this is not the time for grandstanding.

“Nakikiusap din ako sa ating mga kasamahan sa Senado na huwag naman po sana natin gamitin ang trahedya na ito para sa personal na pamumulitika. Maski anong partido natin, Pilipino pa din naman tayo lahat, diba? Hindi po ito ang panahon para sa ganitong mga hirit na hindi naman nakakatulong, at lalo lang nakakagulo sa ating mga kababayan. Hindi nakakatulong ang pag-spread ng fake news. Hindi rin nakakatulong ang pagsakay sa pulitika dahil hindi ito ang panahon para sa pamumulitika. Unahin natin ang kapakanan at kalusugan ng bawat Pilipino,” said Senator Go.

Liberal party diehards deadset on blaming President Duterte for the spread of a disease need to get their eyes and heads checked. Obviously, our government is doing all it can to control the spread of n-COV. However, the research so far is showing that the virus is not the plague media is advertising it to be. Unfortunately, this lessened health risk doesn’t provide as attractive a platform to attack the President.

Like Senator Go, we encourage these liberal idiots to set aside their obvious political agendas and focus on the well-being of the country. We will not let them spark unnecessary fear in the public all for their personal gain and glory.

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