Silent but deadly?

People should really think before they post

Silent but deadly?

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While the Abu Sayyaf terrorists may have already claimed responsibility for the bomb that exploded in Davao killing 14 and injuring scores of others, a recent post from the group “Silent No More” should give the authorities reason to keep the investigation open as far as other suspects may be involved.

The post, which has since been taken down, read:

Dear Filipinos, We pray for the family of those who died in the recent bombing in Davao. Our hearts go out to them. However, we remember this one from the President. Just a reminder to him that words spoken can’t be taken back.

This was accompanied by a screenshot of a recent statement from President Duterte saying that he would resign if someone is murdered while walking the streets of Davao.

The timing of the blast, the President’s remarks, and the immediate call by Silent No More for Duterte’s resignation is enough reason for people to wonder wether this was all staged for that exact purpose. Looking at the previous posts on the group’s fanpage, it is evident that they do not want Duterte in Malacañan, as to what extent they would go to remove him should be up to the authorities to investigate.

In posting the deliberately incendiary post, this group is also fostering animosity at a time when all Filipinos should unite. And even though they eventually took it down, when called out for it, they stood by their words.


While it is their right to express their opinions in whatever way they want, they should also be willing to face the consequences from a very angry public. But the thing with these people is that they continually poke the bear, but complain if they get mauled.

Somehow they are still under the illusion that all those who post hate-filled comments on their insensitive posts are paid trolls, or bots,  or whatever else excuse they need to put up just to shield themselves from the scary reality that – YES, MILLIONS OF FILIPINOS HATE THEM.

If the so-called Silent Majority really want the nation to heal, if they truly want unity – they should start by accepting that we exist. That our voices are not some copy-paste shit that’s been outsourced to a call center somewhere in BGC. These are real sentiments from real people, and your denials are just making us angrier and angrier.

Accept that our truth is as valid and important as yours. Stop insisting that you are the majority – because you’re not. Try listening to those who are. And maybe you will finally understand why we feel this way. Maybe you can accept some fault in this situation. And maybe we can all calm down.

But so long as you keep on attacking us, we will keep on fighting back. You do not own the voice of the Filipinos anymore.

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