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I read something real funny recently. It made coffee shoot through my nostrils and it had me slapping my knees and wheezing in laughter — so much like an old man.

And it was the statement released by VP Leni Robredo about the disinvitation of her by the President to his first Vin D’Honneur.

Does this VP get anything at all?

Like the termination he handed to her in the form of a softer, kinder, gentler “You are no longer welcome at cabinet meetings”, this disinvite is a softer, kinder, gentler version of what it is he thinks of her exactly.

A hypocrite. A traitor to your country even. A phoney baloney.

And this is from someone who absolutely detests hypocrites and says it like it is and who has made himself known to the Filipino people from day one. And for which he has gotten into a lot of trouble for.

And for which he cares zilch for.

You don’t like me? Don’t vote for me then. I’m certainly not going to pretend to be someone I’m not just to get your vote. So you won’t be seeing this president be the idiot who eats rice in a mug or drinks water from a plate or directs traffic like loon in the middle of a busy highway thereby making himself THE traffic nuisance.

So yeah, I know this for sure. This president detests plastic and has zero tolerance for those who would smile in his presence and stab him on the back.

He would rather you call him what it is you really think of him to his face –not fit for public office, dangerous, an enemy of democracy, evil rather put on a sweet, saintly smile and be of noble demeanor. Someone who must be replaced. Now. By… Me!

And Leni Robredo says this with the thickest serving of irony on the side, “Nakakawalang gana na lang doon iyong manner kung paano ginagawa ang mga bagay.”

Ah Madam VP, malamang walang wala na rin ang gana ng Pangulo doon sa asal mo na ngiti sa harap nya, sabay todo-batikos sa napakaraming press con pag talikod nya.

At malamang walang wala na rin ang gana nya at the million and one ways you undermine his presidency. Yung pa meeting meeting mo with Loida Lewis that you deny but hey hey hey, caught in a lie again. (Seriously, don’t this people still not get that this is the Age of Information?)

And most probably, he has a clear assessment of who you are now and what your competencies are and where it is your heart lies now. As do a lot of us. And like him, we’re all, you know, nawalan ng gana.

“Pero sana bigyan naman ng kaunting respeto ang opisina.”says someone who pals up with the destabilizer Loida Lewis and from whose office issued a most detailed list of how to thoroughly undermine the Presidency and to the point where he resigns.

The most disrespectful of the office of the President has asked that her office be respected. ISNORT.

“Para sabihing binabawi ang imbitasyon dahil wala ng upuan parang nakakatawa.”

Hindi siguro kasing lakas ng tawa naming nung sinabi mo na hirap na hirap ang pangalawang pinakamakapangyarihang tao sa Pilipinas makahanap ng upuan pauwi ng Pilipinas nung nag winter holiday ka habang nasalanta ang mga kaprobinsha mo.

And, as I said, that’s just Dutertespeak for, “I can’t stand phoniness.”

He isn’t insulting your intelligence – the way you did ours. He’s just letting you down easy. Had he wanted to disrespect you, he’d have called for a press con.

Uhm. The way you did here. And where you announced in this press con just how much you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

If you didn’t want to make such a big deal out of it, then you should have followed the President’s lead when we heard a grand total of NOTHING when he was snubbed by the Diplomatic Corps who chose to honor you but not him.

No one would have found out about this if you didn’t, truly, want to make a big deal out of it the way you claim to.


And I don’t think it’s personal with this man. He said it once—insult me as a mayor, I will let it pass. But insult me as a President of the Republic of the Philippines, then all gloves are off.

This man feels the weight of his office with every fiber of his being. Nothing is about him these days and for the next 5 and a half years. Up until he is done serving his term of office, everything about him will be about country. And so this patent disrespect of the Filipino people’s mandate by the VP Leni Robredo and her gang of power hungry clowns is not something he takes lightly.

It really is a simple thing. And this time, I hope this VP gets this one simple thing.

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