Speaker Cayetano gives sneak peek of 2020 plans for Taguig in FB live

Speaker Cayetano gives sneak peek of 2020 plans for Taguig in FB live

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Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano has been elected into the 4th most powerful office in the National Government. However, he only got there by being elected by the voters of the 1st District of Taguig-Pateros to be their representative.

In a Facebook Live yesterday, August 23, Speaker Cayetano visited the office of his brother, Mayor Lino Cayetano of Taguig to discuss the plans for the city.

It’s obvious that Speaker Cayetano has not forgotten his duties to the people of his district. As he elaborates in his Live video, he was actually on his way to the first hearing for the 2020 National Budget when he decided to stop over at the Taguig City Hall.

Speaker Cayetano said that the work of a congressman is twofold – on the national level and on the local level. They need to act as the Lower House of Congress and craft national policies, but they are also accountable to the voters who entrusted them to represent their interests on the House floor.

1st District of Taguig-Pateros Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano was placing his Speaker duties on a light hold to give the due priority to his constituents. In his Live, he actually revealed the coming 2020 plan for Taguig.

Screenshot from Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano’s live video.

The local government was sitting down to discuss the Annual Investment Plan for the city, the practical counterpart to the national budget on a city scale, and the #Level Up program will guide all the coming project.

Speaker Cayetano listed the guiding goals of the #Level Up initiative as: safe city, good governance, healthy city, caring community, inclusive quality education, green governance, economic dynamic, people’s participation, youth agenda, and responsive, relevant, resilient infrastructure.

Mayor Lino Cayetano discussed the purpose of the goals is to be guiding factors for all coming projects. It looks like cohesive development is in the cards for Taguig City. #Level Up, indeed!

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