Speaker Cayetano tells viewers to expect “big surprise” ahead of last day of scheduled budget plenary

Speaker Cayetano tells viewers to expect “big surprise” ahead of last day of scheduled budget plenary

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The House of Representatives is making good on its promise of a delay-free budget by sticking to its strict two-week schedule of plenary deliberations. Speaker Cayetano has accomplished this “record-breaking” budget by holding Monday to Friday marathon plenary sessions, starting daily at 1 pm versus the previous schedule of 3pm.

Speaker Cayetano took to Facebook Live to announce the strides the House has been making to pass the budget in a timely manner the evening after President Duterte certified the bill as urgent. Besides the innovations above, the House has been meaning business with its plenary deliberations. Besides the work gone into pre-plenary conferences between agencies of the executive department and House members, the actual plenary debates have been reaching as late as 11 pm daily. House Members are staying dedicated to putting in the work needed to thoroughly review the proposed budget and eliminate any possible corruption funds in this.

In Speaker Cayetano’s Facebook Live, he was surprised that he wasn’t the only one left in the House near midnight. In fact, Majority Leader Rep. Romualdez was waiting outside his door to discuss more matters of business.

Viewers were treated to a tantalizing series of hints from both Speaker and Majority Leader regarding the “historic” day to come the next day, Friday, Sept. 20.

The House is planning on passing the budget today, Friday. Only 5 of the 78 agencies up for debate have not yet been terminated. The innovations implemented by Speaker Cayetano have brought Congress into a new level of productivity and effectivity.

But the changes aren’t over yet. Speaker Cayetano told his Live viewers to expect a “big surprise” today. It will supposedly be an institutional innovation.

Given the track record of the 18th Congress so far, it would be little surprise if this innovation is just as groundbreaking and significant as all the rest.

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