Stupidity has a price – Aguirre must go now

Stupidity has a price – Aguirre must go now

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Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre must go, and he must go now. The failure of his Department to prosecute Kerwin Espinosa, Peter Lim, and all the other accused drug dealers must be laid squarely on his shoulders. And no amount of buck passing can exonerate him from taking responsibility for the gross incompetence of those under him.

Aguirre has become the administration’s biggest liability in its fight against the illegal drug trade. How do we expect criminals to take the President’s campaign seriously when those that he vowed to put in jail, or six feet under can get of so easily under Aguirre’s watch. People expected those things to have gone away with Leila de Lima – not thrive under Aguirre.

This is not a simple case of jay walking, but the flagship campaign promise of President Duterte. Aguirre cannot just drop the ball and expect to be able to explain it all away with his talk of legal technicalities. The Filipino people have had enough of that kind of government service from the previous administrations. The days when public officials can routinely fuck up without having to face the consequences of their stupidity are over. This time we want Aguirre’s head on a platter.

What makes matters worse is the lack of urgency on the part of Aguirre to make things right. In interviews with the media, days after the shit hit the fan, he even admitted that he has yet to read all the relevant documents connected with the issue. Perhaps, as he’s trying to be impartial, or maybe he’s just too busy adjusting his fucking wig to take the time and do some actual work, whatever the reason – it only goes to show that this is not on the top of his priorities.

Well it may not be at the top of Aguirre’s list, but it certainly is to the President and the people who voted for him. They will not allow this sorry excuse for a Justice Secretary to sweep this under the rug like what his predecessors used to do in the past. There has to be accountability. Things cannot go on as if nothing happened. Doing so will only fuel the embers of criticism that Duterte’s opponents have been nursing with their propaganda.

From her jail cell, I can imagine a smirking Leila de Lima writing furiously, using Aguirre’s blunder as the main pillar of her arguments to prove her innocence. I can see Bambam Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Sonny Trillanes, Risa Hontiveros, and all the other leaders of the disgraced Liberal Party heaving a sigh of relief and clapping themselves on the back at having gotten this unexpected weapon with which to attack the Duterte administration.

Aguirre must go. He can choose to resign if he has even an iota of delicadeza, or be fired if he does an Abaya and refuses to budge in the face of almost universal scorn. Whatever way he chooses, let it be done as swiftly and completely as possible. At the end of the day, in the interest of justice, Aguirre must pay the price for his stupidity.

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