Sue Ramirez cries because she’s not rich and famous enough

Sue Ramirez cries because she’s not rich and famous enough

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Sue Ramirez’s recent appearance on “Bottomline” has put her in the running for Most Entitled Showbiz kid, for this week at least.

He recent movie, “Cuddleweather” has been released and apparently, not enough people have been flocking to cinemas to satisfy Ramirez. She teared up while criticizing Filipino moviegoers for not choosing to spend their hard-earned money making her even richer and further increasing her profile.

“Medyo nagiging emosyonal ako doon sa fact na ang tinitingnan pala ng mga kabataan ngayon ay kung gaano kasikat ang artista na bumibida sa isang pelikula.” 

“Masakit siya for us kasi not everyone is as big as everyone. And I just feel like they’re not giving other people the chances that they deserve for the beautiful stories that they have made, for the hardwork that they have put into these movies that we lost sleep, blood, and sweat in,” said Ramirez.

This logic is epitome entitlement. Do you even know how much watching a movie costs, Sue?

Did you maybe think that many Filipinos would love to see as many movies as they want, but simply don’t have the financial resources to? Especially the youth who Ramirez specifically singled out. As a 24-yer-old freelance writer myself, I have to tell you that I would definitely have to think about it if someone offered me more entertainment and leisure money for say, my kidney.

According to, the average annual gross wages for an entry-level clerk or staff position is P133,447. That is about 365 pesos per day of the year. The average price of a movie in Manila is P532, for two people. I know movies in other places are cheaper, having grown up in the province as well. But how many of these young adults have to support their parents, siblings, young families, or are even struggling just to support themselves? How many viewers are still depending on their overworked parents to give them money to watch a movie on the weekend?

Of course, the little flexibility breeds loyalty to tried and tested hits. If I only have 300 that I have to save for, I’m not going to risk it on an untested vehicle. It’s as simple as that and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sorry Sue, your movie flopped. Don’t blame the kids. There’s no reason to be mad. You’re still definitely making more than P365 pesos a day, unlike the millions of Filipinos who lose sleep, blood, and tears for their livelihood and receive little more.

Now that the -ber months have started, I think I can start writing out my Christmas wish list. Number one, please dear Santa, give Sue Ramirez a sense of perspective or even a bit of humility.

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