Leila de lima

Leila de lima

Is that Leila de Lima in an ad for Nissin’s Ramen?

Feature Life
A television ad from Japanese noodle instant noodle pioneer, Nissin, has gone viral. The fast-paced ad is loaded with references to Japan sometimes bizarre pop-culture landscape. It’s a fun, ...
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Can Duterte be charged with “crimes against humanity” in the International Criminal Court?

Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta is the first incumbent president to appear at the International Criminal Court (ICC). He was accused of five counts of crimes against humanity. In order ...
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Extrajudicial killing or Cleaning house?

Opinion Philippines
Leila De Lima wrote an open letter to President Rodrigo Duterte, where she admitted that there is a possibility that some of the killings being attributed to Duterte’s ...
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Double dealing De Lima and the road to regime change

Opinion Politics
DE LIMA’S DUPLICITY 1. OPEN LETTER May mga indikasyon o teorya po na nagsasabing hindi lahat ng nangyayaring pagpatay ay talagang kaugnay, kundi kasabay lamang, ng kampanya laban ...
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De Lima admits drug lords, corrupt government officials may be behind killings

News Philippines
Leila De Lima, one of President Duterte’s most vocal critics, has come out with an “open letter” addressed to the President, where she admits that there are indications that ...
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Bam Aquino joins senate list of idiots

In 2014 I had the opportunity to talk to a well-known personality who was rumored to be eyeing a seat in the Philippine Senate. I asked him if ...
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Bilibid: A set of questions needing answers from de Lima

The first three weeks of the Duterte administration have uncovered many bizarre and unwanted truths about the previous administration and Philippine governance in general. For starters, there is ...
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QC Solon refutes video identifying him as Colangco

Rep. Alfredo Vargas III (5th District-Quezon City) lambasted the people behind a birthday party video identifying him as crime-boss Herbert “Ampang” Colangco. The video, which has gone viral, ...
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Leila de Lima is the patron saint of drug lords

After the public outrage, Leila de Lima finally acts on the luxury living that she allowed to thrive within the prison system
My blood boils when I see these pictures of drug lords and criminals living like kings while inside prison, and then I hear that idiot Leila de Lima ...
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Here we go again – Leila de Lima, Drilon eye probe ‘in aid of legislation’

Leila de Lima and Frank Drilon eye senate probes against Duterte and his anti drug campaign
Both chambers of Congress have yet to start kicking the ball but already Senate President Franklin Drilon and neophyte lawmaker Senator Leila de Lima are stirring the hornet’s ...
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