The snowflakes of Boracay

The snowflakes of Boracay

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I saw a post on Facebook from a snowflake business operator in Boracay that said “No to Closure, Yes to Clean Up” and it made me wonder, why make this stand now? After years of literally filling the island with your shit and your garbage – all in the name of profit – are we just supposed to believe that you miraculously grew a fucking conscience? That you are now concerned about the environment? Oh please.

What kind of idiots do these people take us to be? We all know that this change of heart only comes because they are deathly afraid of PRRD’s threat. That in reality, without Duterte, they would happily turn Boracay into a pig sty for as a long as they can squeeze money from all the suckers willing to pay for overpriced rooms, crappy food, lousy service, and the not-so-remote possibility of coliform contamination.

Despite all the recent protestations by Boracay’s business owners, this is not a matter of saving the environment – if it was then they would have done something even before Duterte made his threat. This is purely a profit issue for them. It is about making money – and closure would put an end to that.

The problem that everyone now sees as an epidemic did not happen overnight. It grew one garbage bag at a time, one piece of crap on the beach at a time, one illegal structure at a time, one greedy businessman at a time. It was not a tsunami of environmental violations that hit Boracay, but a slow, creeping tide of filth and stupidity that all of these whiny businessmen consciously allowed to grow.

And now here they are on social media, up on their high horses, painting the President as a heartless dictator for wanting to close Boracay down? You people make me sick. You pretend that it’s all about the ordinary folks in the island, but at the same time ignore the fact that much of the community displacements and social inequality that happened in Boracay is due to the entry of these big resorts. If Boracay is shut down, you have no one else to blame but yourself and your greed.

My advice, stop the whining and just get down to it. Clean up your mess and stop with all these propaganda nonsense. We don’t want to see all these self serving slogans and catch phrases cluttering social media like all the trash you left on the beaches of Boracay. Every second you waste on that crap means a second you’re not spending cleaning up the actual shit that you dumped on Boracay. That is where you should be, not on Facebook or Twitter. The fact is we have no sympathy, and very little patience for the people who made money from the environmental destruction of Boracay. So just shut the fuck up, clean your shit, then maybe we can talk. Certainly not before.

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