The Perils of Being Duterte’s Friend

The Perils of Being Duterte’s Friend

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Now that the campaign is over, but even before the dust has had time to settle, knives are being drawn and quietly sharpened in the shadows as those who sat on the fences and stood in the sidelines try to slither their way into the good graces of the incoming President of the Republic.

First in the line of fire are Duterte’s closest friends, those that have been with him not in terms of months or years, but decades. Childhood friends who have been with him every step of the way, and who are committed to shielding him from the invariable opportunists that have been coming out of the woodwork.

Already the media is rife with stories of in-fighting and jockeying for position. Character assassins are out in force, peddling lies, spreading disinformation, fomenting chaos. Their objective, to derail the President in his reform agenda and protect the status quo.

What they are not counting on is the continued vigilance of Duterte’s supporters on line and on social media. Having played a critical role in his victory, his hordes of SocMed supporters – the so-called Dutertards – are not going to allow the Trapos and their paid media lackeys to bring him down without a fight.


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