US couple invents pillow for spooning

US couple invents pillow for spooning

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The "Coodle". Behold your savior.

Ever wondered why there’s no actually comfortable way to spoon? Eventually, someone is going to start feeling uncomfortable. It’s a proven, sad fact of life.

Enter: US-based company Coodle who’ve invented a new, special pillow that will solve all your problems (if all your problems have to do with how to comfortably spoon that is. Otherwise it just solves the one. I doubt it can do your taxes, or even find you someone to cuddle up to in the first place, but don’t be so demanding).

So bed-sharers, rejoice! No longer will you have to painfully lose feeling in your arm while cuddling in bed. Dead arms trapped around duvets are a thing of the past thanks to Coodle’s memory foam pillow’s clever design. The arch shaped pillow is reinforced with plastic ribs that allow it to keep its shape, even under the crushing weight of your loved one’s head.

The spoonee can rest on the pillow’s top while the spooner can comfortably fit their arm through the arch, thus solving this irritating puzzle of human anatomy.

The pillow was invented by real-life couple Bob and Shirley. According to the product website, they enjoy cuddling while watching TV. They of course encountered the age old problem of spooning being a logistical hell of limbs and Bob had the idea of cutting and bending some foam plastic in his oven to create a tunnel-shaped pillow. This led to the Coodle, which is patented by the US Patent Office.

Also, yes, coodles are a breed of dogs resulting from the mix of a collie and a poodle. Whether or not they make good cuddle buddies is not vetted on the Coodle (the pillow) website.

These pups may also make your cuddling experience better.

“A concept, a dream, an invention can spark a person’s spirit so that it bypasses doubt and fear. Making the leap, big or small, is something we all do in our lives. We won’t know success if we let that opportunity pass or fade away,” reads the Coodle website. We’re not sure what they’re talking about, but it sounds nice.

Coodle’s pillow costs US$65, which is a bit pricey. However, is the price of the specialist pillow really too steep, considering you can spend more time cuddling with your other half? Is US$65 too steep a price to pay for never again having to choose between continuing a sweet embrace or pushing away in favor of circulation? We can’t decide that for you. We’re just here to tell you this exists. We’re not saying that you need this in your life, because you’ve lived this far without it, right? But it sure does sound neat.

The pillow can also be used in single-player mode. The Coodle website recommends using it to prop yourself up while watching TV. We can’t attest ass to whether or not this will trigger feelings of deep sadness, since your pillow will remind you every second that you are alone.

Sadly, the Coodle is only available within the United States for now. The rest of the world will just have to continue suffering through sub-par spooning sessions as we wait for Coodle to expand their operations.

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