My vagina is a terrorist, shoot it

My vagina is a terrorist, shoot it

By Jefry Tupas

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Las Maja Denuda, Francisco Goya

Prostituted women. They are the real empowered, strong, better than men women in this world. Only my deep admiration and respect for them.

Here’s why.

Some women would proudly say they are empowered and they are stronger and better compared to men. At face value, it’s a beautiful declaration apparently meant to prick the ego and wipe out the dominance of men — part of the claim-making process by women who assert and stand their ground.

I used to think that proud and strong women are giant vaginas that devour penises, disarming manhood until their sad surrender and ultimate demise. This is an image that used to flash on a widescreen hidden somewhere between my consciousness and curiosity.

Not anymore today.

Why, because most of these self-styled women empowerment fighters, and those who say they are feminists, are the same women who are easily offended by men’s display of manness — that loud, proud, crass, brawny presence of the male creature.

The vagina picture is gone, replaced by balls.

You see, if you are empowered, if you are strong, if you are a superior species, nothing should and could offend you. Unless you are in for a show.

Our prostituted women are not like them. They are those who operate on the sidelines — more daring, more sinister, simply more ruthless.

They are those who take advantage of the dark, or the blinding colorful lights that make them almost unseen. But you know they are there. And you need to be careful. Their creativity crosses the usual line of disgust spilling into words. They seek no attention. They are not bored. They make a living.

Prostituted women do not care. They do not have time for political correctness — not that they are incorrect or have made incorrect choices in this life.

They don’t give a shit. Prostituted women just don’t give a shit. They do not take insults or cry over an insult and take it as if it’s the end of the world for them. For these women, crying is a waste of time.

Yes, they too are angry, most of them are, but nothing, absolutely there is nothing that can destroy them. Not even their anger.

You crack a rape joke in their faces and they would most likely laugh — however some of them with eyes cold as ice. You talk about their vaginas and it wouldn’t jolt them at all. This is their weapon. Their livelihood. They celebrate their vaginas. I could only imagine them say sardonically, “my vagina is a terrorist, shoot it.”

While some women use misogyny as a political tool of protest and indignation against power, it is worthless for them. You cannot take home misogyny, reheat it, and serve it on the table.

It’s really strange how those who profess about being empowered, or strong, or better than men are easily offended by sexism.

Prostituted women are unlike them. When catcalled, prostituted women return the favor. You tell them ‘fuck you,’ they reply, ‘thank you.’ You call them, ‘bahog bilat’, their reply would probably be, ‘gamay kag otin.’

Prostituted women, no matter how they are victims of abuses and injustices themselves, do not see themselves as victims.

They are fighters. They fight.

They are survivors. They will survive.

And while I am perhaps being offensive to other women now, again — prostituted women just don’t care.

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