Walden Bello calls Duterte supporters stupid, delusional, and sick

Walden Bello calls Duterte supporters stupid, delusional, and sick

Netizens react, is mocked by Bello

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Walden Bello, a losing senatorial candidate and a member of the Akbayan partylist that also includes Risa Hontiveros, went on a rant on Facebook attacking the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte for what he calls “their frothing support for extrajudicial killings and condemnation of fundamental human rights.”

Bello’s scathing condemnation of about 16 million Filipinos stems from their approval of Duterte’s anti-crime crusade and the hardline methods it employs against suspected drug pushers and bigtime drug lords. Which he characterizes alternately as taking a “leave of their senses,” a “mass hallucination,” and similar to “being under the influence of drugs.”

In his tirade, Bello never once acknowledged that the people’s acceptance of the extraordinary means currently being employed to solve the drug problem has, at its roots, the extraordinary neglect of the past administration. By refusing to even consider the possibility that there is some justification for this all anger, Bello shows himself to be the narrow-minded, self-righteous blowhard that he is.


I certainly agree with my friend Jonas Bagas that Duterte fanatics have no monopoly on stupidity, and that the Roxas, Poe, and Binay camps have their fair share of stupid folks. Also, that we have to look at sociological rather than genetic factors to explain people’s political behavior. However, it is undeniable that with their frothing support for extrajudicial killings and condemnation of fundamental human rights, Duterte supporters have taken leave of their senses. I think their lapse into mass hallucination is akin to being under the influence of drugs, something that sociologists like Gustav Lebon characterized as crowd contamination. But unlike the president, who does not believe you can rehabilitate drug addicts, we believe we can rehabilitate political addicts like the Duterte fanatics from their social addiction and welcome them back to civilized society. It’s just a question of providing tender, loving care. But as with the drug user, the first step is always the hardest, that is, yung pagkumbinse sa kanila na sila’y may sakit. – Walden Bello

Bello’s pretensions of being pro-poor is belied by his condescending attitude towards those, driven by their hopelessness and despair, have taken a path that they otherwise might not have had they received the “tender, loving care” that he mentions from the Aquino administration.

No, Mr. Bello, we do not support Duterte because we are under the illusion that he has some magic wand that can whisk all our problems away. Nor are we under the influence of some spell that makes us blind to the dangers of that lie ahead. But after decades of empty promises, ineffective governance, and pseudo-leaders like you, we are more than willing to bite the bullet. Going for Duterte isn’t insanity, sticking to the same failed plan again and again is. And as far as being sick, yes we are – we are sick and tired of you and your kind.

On a side note, netizens who reacted negatively to Bello’s post earned a mocking reply from the author to “please keep the shit coming.”





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