Watch: Gilas Pilipinas vs Team Australia brawl

Watch: Gilas Pilipinas vs Team Australia brawl

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By this time, you’ve probably heard of the brawl which broke out at a basketball game between the Philippine team Gilas Pilipinas and the Team Australia at a qualifying match for the 2019 FIBA World Cup. The match was held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on July 2. Both teams arrived ready to play and compete to move forward in the qualifiers, but no one could have expected a brawl to break out.

Tension peaked in the middle of the third quarter when Gilas player RR Pogoy and Team Australia played Chris Goulding got into a physical altercation. Players from both teams soon joined in to make it a full-on brawl, the biggest in Philippine basketball history.

Since the incident, the Filipino netizens have been divided over how to feel about the incident – some defend the Gilas team, saying that while their actions might have been extreme, they were after all just defending their team member. Others condemn it outright as unsportsmanly and unacceptable. Opinions seem to split because the initial moment between Pogoy and Goulding, where netizens argue that the Australian was playing aggressively and made the first attack. On the other hand, popular opinion seems to find that regardless of who threw the first blow, it was embarrassing behavior, especially for the host country’s team.

Too add salt to the wound, the Gilas team took a selfie courtside after the fight. Audiences and sports commentators were not impressed. Fletcher Doherty, a sports reporter from Fox News Australia, tweeted a photo of the team taking a selfie.



Others in the Twitterverse joked about how the team is taking a selfie before facing possible suspension. Many more voiced their dismay at the behavior of the team.

Watch the incident below to see for yourself.


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