WeWinAsOne Gains Momentum, Soars on Social Media!

WeWinAsOne Gains Momentum, Soars on Social Media!

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We are definitely winning as one!

After initially getting flak on social media over the weekend, the 2019 SEA Games is has started picking up pace with positive, exciting, and inspiring news from the ground up.

On Twitter, the hashtag #WeWinAsOne is on top of trending topics, with 24.6k tweets as of this writing. An interesting observation is that news reports, feeds, and updates come from people who have experienced the events as they happen first-hand, many of which are unfiltered and unadulterated.

This can be attributed to both local and foreign supporters of the upcoming SEA Games, as well as teams from different countries becoming vocal towards the actual events and situations that they have encountered. Their statements now draw the line between fact and fabrication, which the Philippines has been getting jabs at since the previous weeks.

The positive rise of the #2019 SEA Games proves to be of big help not only to the Filipino athletes, but to Filipinos in and around the world who are tuned in to the most anticipated sports event in Southeast Asia this year.

Moreover, the continuously growing support from netizens and other media platforms shows the true strength of the Philippines as the social media capital of the world -and how it can be wielded to unite the nation as one.

The 2019 SEA Games officially opens on Saturday, 30 November 2019.

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