Who wants Leni? Luzon residents give Robredo a hard pass

Who wants Leni? Luzon residents give Robredo a hard pass

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Netizen Eric Clark Su’s unique proposal is helping us in Luzon stay entertained during the enhanced community quarantine. In his now-viral post, he proposed that President Duterte should temporarily split the Philippines in two as we fight COVID19 – Luzon to be governed by alleged-Vice President Leni Robredo and a Visayas-Mindanao combo to be led by President Duterte.

While it’s certainly a fun thought experiment, especially since the radical yellows are so set on twisting every bump in the night as the coming of Martial Law by Supreme evil President Duterte, it wouldn’t be possible. Why? It seems that not even the people of Luzon (the actual majority, not the “Silent Majority” bullshit) don’t want Robredo. Thanks but no thanks. Please no, they say.


Here are some funny comments which just go to show that even if Robredo can steal the Vice Presidency, shs’s still not popular. After all, there’s a reason why the “Silent Majority” haven’t won any major national posts in 4 years. Including the Vice Presidency. While your busy condemning President Duterte for not being eloquent enough for your standards, we’ll still be asking for that recount, Robredo.

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