Wild success of SEA Games Opening triggers crab mentality attack in Raisa Robles

Wild success of SEA Games Opening triggers crab mentality attack in Raisa Robles

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This is why we can’t have nice things.

In the wake of arguably one of the most successful SEA Games openings in the history of the sporting event, and definitely the most ambitious for the Philippines as a host country, naysayers and mema critics still had to shove their two cents down people’s throats. Even if no one asked for it, no, actually – especially because no one asked for it.

Take below some of the best examples of how the crab mentality stereotype against Filipinos is surviving alive and well in some blackhearted, selfish individuals:

The entire nation has come together for the ceremonies. Politic differences have been put aside. We saw our athletes on stage, our flag raised proudly. We teared up at the beautiful pyrotechnic display, and not because of the smoke. #WeWinAsOne, indeed. Unless you’re Raisa Robles.

Not sure if she was watching the same show, but she definitely got some twisted takeaway from it.

Just so we’re clear, she is upset that there weren’t enough ballet dancers in the opening. I guess the powerfully representing through dance our cultural diversity, indigenous people, and marginalized communities wasn’t enough for her.

Also, Duterte is Hilter. 

Wait, what?

Again, this is why we can’t have nice things. But we’re still going to enjoy our SEA Games and cheer on our country. Not even to spite you Raisa. You’re not that important. We’re doing this for the athletes.

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