When will the senate act to rid itself of De Lima?

When will the senate act to rid itself of De Lima?

Faced with a crisis of credibility, the senate must act to regain the people's trust

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The senate has fallen on hard times. Once an august body, home to the country’s best and brightest, it is now the laughingstock of the nation. Not that we really expected much from it, not with the comedy troika of Bambam Aquino, Sonny Trillanes, Kiko Pangilinan among its members. But with the entry of Leila de Lima into the picture, things just got worse. Way worse.

Where once people turned for enlightenment, the senate deliberations are now watched not for any other reason but for its entertainment value. Senators are now no better than highly paid clowns in a circus.

A big part of the people’s loss of trust is the senate’s deliberate disregard for the growing evidence that implicates De Lima in the illegal drug trade. Despite the charges that have been leveled by the President, supported by various testimonies and photographs that put De Lima in the company of drug lords, and backed up with a strong public clamor for an investigation, so far, nothing has been done to indicate that the senate is willing to clean its own house.

While in the past the senate has shown a willingness to jump at every other nonessential and nonsensical issue to mount an investigation “in aid of legislation,” here it is faced with a crisis of its own credibility – and we hear… Nothing. Here we have at least three different pictures that show De Lima with various known bigtime drug lords – and still we hear… Silence.

The senate leadership, led by President Duterte’s own party-mate and ally has also been disappointingly silent. Perhaps this is part of the agreement Koko Pimentel made with Frank Drilon and Tito Sotto to secure his position. If it is, then it would be better for Koko to get rid of the senate presidency and regain his honor, than to deal with these devils.

For the rest of the senators, where is the fire that lit up the stage when you were begging voters to pick you, you, you, and you? Where is the anger that you said you shared with us? Where is the senate investigation on Leila de Lima? Does justice stop at the doorstep of your clubhouse, when one of your own is involved?

In the face of the current public sentiment and the need for justice to be served, the senators must make a choice. Where do their loyalties lie? Is it with De Lima or with the Filipino people.

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